We Desperately Need HELP!

ACAPL July 13, 2019 0
We Desperately Need HELP!

Hello friends, family and fellow animal lovers. We can no longer struggle in private and DESPERATELY are in need of help to keep the Ashtabula Animal Protective League up and running. We have made every possible sacrifice that we can without jeopardizing the health and welfare of our beloved furry residents.

What’s the problem you say? Emergency medical care, high animal intake numbers and rising costs of the economy has us drowning in debt every month. Did you know that the utilities alone cost us on average $4500+ a month? That’s JUST to have heat/cooling, electric, water, phone and internet services. The ACAPL takes in animals 7 days a week and lately it seems we just cant catch a break Not to mention, we provide emergency medical care to many animals within our community that would suffer and perish without our facility and our amazing staff.

We are on our last paw here and are pleading to the public for any monetary donations to help our only community shelter stay running. Help us continue to change the lives of our furry friends. Thank you for your continued support.


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