adopt6ACAPL seeks quality foster families for a variety of needs:  

Pregnant Moms, Moms and Babies, Bottle Baby Care or Orphaned Babies

Mom and babies require extra TLC! Babies must wait in homes until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered.  Also, kittens and puppies who lack a mother or are too young for adoption.  ACAPL medical staff coordinates all required vaccinations and surgeries while the babies are in foster care. 

Time out of a Kennel

Animals of any age who have been living at the adoption center can be sent into foster care to escape the stress of the kennel environment. 

 Medical Care

For animals with specific needs.


This is for animals who require training, specialized observation, and/or socialization before they can be adopted.  

 Kennel Space

ACAPL can help more animals when foster homes are available…opening up space in our kennels.  

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